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Company Policies & Guidelines of Sand Profile GmbH

  • Corporate responsibility - Respect and responsible cooperation is an integral part of our business model. We strive to comply with all existing laws, codes, regulations and our own self-commitments (IMS & Code of Conduct).
  • We act ethically and sustainably and fulfill our responsibilities towards employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment.
  • We agree to high standards with our suppliers--we are committed to transparent and corruption-free business practices and to meeting social and environmental standards.
  • We see change and transition as opportunities--the basis of our future growth is flexibility, innovations in technology, and advanced production processes.
  • We are committed to our employees and we promote schooling, self-initiative, training, and strengthen entrepreneurial responsible conduct of each employee.
  • We trust our employees, delegate responsibilities, promote team spirit and attach great importance to continuous improvement processes at all company levels. Honesty, fairness, integrity, teamwork, and a high-level of commitment but also the courage to change define the "how" of being together.
  • We analyze errors and weaknesses openly and self-critically in order to enduringly avoid repeating them or even to forestall them.
  • We work on safety, health, environmental, and energy issues as systematically and transparently as we do on our product quality, productivity, and cost efficiency.
  • We are a global, owner-managed company, promoting open and collaborative communication and cooperation between all company departments and branches, as well as with our customers and suppliers, government agencies and the public.
  • Lawful, moral behavior and fair competition are essential aspects of all company activities